Wedding ceremonies, religious, symbolic and blessing ceremonies in central Italy, Umbria and Tuscany.

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If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary for your wedding day, why not consider Umbra & Tuscany in central ITALY.

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Our Wedding in Italy.

Of all the weddings that I’ve ever attended in locations and venues throughout the world, our wedding reception in Umbria, Italy must fall easily at the peak of the top 50, or the 50 best, overall inspirational ceremonies with the relaxed, elegant and stress-free accommodation in the La Preghiera Estate on the border of Umbria and Tuscany. The no-stress planners and the wedding planning were sophisticated, fantastic, friendly and family oriented.

Our wedding dinner was fashionable Umbrian cuisine served in the magnificent gardens, which created the romantic dream setting, with the bride and groom and the bridesmaids on the top table. The wedding cake was an unbelievable concoction, and this month we can all diet!

For matrimony in style or for a signature or destination marriage, in Anglican, Protestant, Catholic or other beliefs, or for gay blessings, or re-affirmations of vows, or simple joinings of partnership. Umbria, Italy has to be THE place to be.

And for a last minute or late Italian honeymoon, after your wedding, perhaps in Umbria or even Tuscany, this venue and accommodation with its friendly staff, in the midst of the Umbrian countryside, with ten medieval cities/towns to explore, two huge lakes and more than forty restaurants within a 20-minute drive was ideal, as our families and friends found to their joy when attending our wedding at La Preghiera.

Thank you all for making their, and our, wedding day, and week, in Italy one of the happiest that I can remember and congratulations again on the first-class accommodation, the intimate and unobtrusive atmosphere and staff, the location, the ceremony, the planner and co-ordinator, the receptions, the family blessing, the peace, the pool, the shade, the terraces and, and, and…………………

JG & PG – London / Bangkok

26. July, 2015

Weddings in Umbria & Tuscany in Italy

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