Wedding Planner Service

At Weddings Umbria, we are proud to offer an expert wedding planning service and co-ordinator to make your wedding day run smoothly and to help with the difficulties in organising a wedding abroad, at long distance, not least of all, in another language…

Caring bi-lingual staff provide an excellent service with attention to detail, ensuring that your wedding in Italy will be first class and a very special day that you and your family and guests will always remember.

Wedding planner service includes:

Weddings UmbriaWeddings at La Preghiera - Italy (74)
 Civil Weddings at Comune (Town Hall)

Guidance and advice with documents for civil wedding in town hall Includes booking of Comune and 1 visit to Comune with wedding couple

Arranging for interpreter service for declaration of no impediment to marriage (Nulla Osta) at Comune

Arranging for interpreter service for civil wedding ceremony at Comune

Collection of international wedding certificate after the wedding and posting to wedding couple



Religious wedding in Italy

Religious Weddings

Liaison with priest, vicar, pastor or service leader – includes 1 meeting

Help with arrangement and personalising order of service

Guidance with documents for legal religious wedding ceremony and liaison with Comune – includes minimum 2 visits to Comune

Arranging the service with the interpreter for the religious ceremony


Weddings UmbriaCaterers and Wedding Cake

Liaison with caterers, for table linen, crockery, glassware, cutlery and supplying translated menu choices – Includes minimum 1 visit (approx. 2 hours) and trial lunch (approx. 2,5 hours)

Advice for menu choices, wedding cake and table settings

Liaison with specialist wedding cake supplier – Includes 1 visit (minimum 2 hours)

Wedding reception choreography with a choice of locations within the grounds for aperitivo, banquet, wedding cake, musicians… (minimum 1 meeting on site, 3 hours)

Weddings Umbria


Liason with chosen photographer and video and DVD editing service.

Includes 1 visit (minimum 1 hour)

Liason after the wedding day to co-ordinate posting of proofs of wedding photos to wedding couple,

liasing with photographer over final choice and co-ordinating posting of final photos, CD and/or DVD. Includes at least two further visits to photographer



Weddings at La Preghiera - Italy


Liaison with florist for bouquets,

buttonholes, corsages,

table decorations, church decorations, internal and external floral decorations.

Includes 1 visit

(minimum 2 hours)




Liaison with musicians (Demo discs posted on request), for:

      – Church ceremony – soloist, keyboard, choir, harp, string quartet
      – Aperitivo – choir, harp, piano, string quartet
      – Wedding banquet – piano, jazz band or trio, Italian traditional or 60’s music
      – After dinner dancing – jazz band or trio, Italian traditional music, modern

Includes one meeting per choice (minimum 1 hour)

Wedding hairdresser


Liaison with hairdresser for bride including trial.

Includes 1 visit (minimum 1 and a half hours)

Liaison with hairdresser regarding arrangements for bridesmaids,

mothers or other guests on the wedding day


Wedding make up


Liaison with beautician for make-up and beauty

treatments for bride including trial

Includes 1 visit (minimum 1 hour)

Wedding in UmbriaFavours


Liaison with suppliers of hand-made favours

– Includes 1 visit (minimum 1 hour)

Organising collection of favours on wedding day and transport




Liason with professional magician
who will produce a stage show and also
pass amongst the tables during dinner,
demonstrating his skills and involving guests
Liase and organise a fireworks show or sky lanterns
Vintage Cars
Arranging special wedding cars – modern or classic
Airport transfer arrangements
Arranging taxi transfer from airports – minibus or private car
General transfer arrangements
Arranging transfer for guests to and from Comune if required
Arranging for people-carrier or minibus to shuttle extra guests between the various agriturismi on the wedding day if required
Additional accommodation
Wedding Planners will liase for additional accommodation for guests, suppliers, interpreting, guidance with documents, assisting on the wedding day…
Special requirements
will be considered and best endeavours to fulfil them will be taken
Visits to Town Hall, pastor, priest and suppliers.
Arrangements in the absence of the bride and groom.
When a preliminary visit to the venue by the bride and groom is not possible, we will undertake to make all these arrangements following their wishes.
General Advice
Regarding places to visit, shopping, dining out, and anything we can do to help the wedding party to make their stay truly memorable and special
Wedding planning charged according to number and type of services required, prices on application.
Say HELLO, we’re eager to hear what you think! If you would like to get started planning your Italy escape or to chat with us more about our services, just call or message, our friendly team is always happy to respond to your inquiries.