Ultimately, we’re fearless romantics determined to share the magic of Italy with happy dreamers just like you.

Why else would we live and work in Italy for more than 20 years?

That’s a lot of heartwarming events and weddings to share, and we’ve loved them all!  Just like finding your soulmate in life, when we first began planning events in Italy all those decades ago, we just knew it was forever.

Every wedding we plan is unique to meet the specific desires of our clients. And it’s that creativity and excitement that puts a snap in our step and a song in our heart every morning! Just ask our past clients, they’ll tell you all about the energy we bring to every project. Stress, however, is never part of the itinerary! Not for you and not for us – we love our work too much.

Besides, nothing kills a joyous experience faster than stress, so we’ve banned it from our business! Instead, we specialize in the type of events that are closest to our hearts – that means romantic and rustic, yet elegant.

We assure you, no place embodies those qualities more than Italy, and nobody captures that spirit better than we do. Our insider knowledge enables our clients to avoid crowded tourist sites and discover Italy’s hidden gems and magical locales.  Contact us today.

We would love to show you why our weddings and celebrations have been featured in numerous magazines, such as Brides and I Do!, as well as countless blogs and online journals. And our friendly team is always happy to respond to your inquiries.