wedding-in-italyWe have just celebrated our wedding with 30 close friends for three days in Umbria.

Everything about this place succeeded our expectations. Helpful staff is not just talented at what they do; they are also positive, solution oriented and truly nice people. All of our friends told us that this place gave the brilliant combination of an amazing celebration and party – and complete serenity and the best sleep ever. All our guests said they experienced the staff so talented that the entire stay just flowed perfectly and made everyone so relaxed and peaceful (including the bride and groom). We would happily recommend this place, and we are already looking forward to the next good excuse to bring all our friends back for a second time. Simply put: PERFECT.

Julia is the one who made all of the above possible. She guided us through the planning with so much enthusiasm, good knowledge and positivity. She never hesitated to give her own opinion on what solution to choose, but still always made us feel like whatever we set our mind to – she would fix. She is the perfect combination of qualities, and is simply the best help one can get in planning the perfect wedding. On top of all this she was such an amazing help during the wedding day. She was there for every part of it, and made us feel so confident about the day we had planned and made it possible for us to just sit back and relax and enjoy our big day. She was so genuine and kind towards us, we consider her our friend.

Thank you for everything, Julia, we had the time of our life!


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