Why get married in Umbria

Weddings Umbria panorama

Umbria is well known as the ‘Green Heart of Italy’:

this region presents itself at first sight as a place where the numerous medieval cities blend with lush rolling hills. It is a lovely and welcoming land which has much to offer to those wishing to get married in Umbria. This territory has a huge cultural patrimony: from the museums of Perugia, Todi, Foligno and Montefalco, to the modern art galleries in Città di Castello, as well as the specialised wine and ceramic museums respectively in Torgiano and Deruta.

In Umbria there are also many aquatic resources such as Lake Trasimeno, Lake Piediluco, Lake Corbara and the river Tiber that pass through the region from north to south. The breathtaking Marmore Falls are formed by the union of both the rivers Nera and Velino near the city of Terni. Underground it is possible to find many caves and springs which are of big interest from a speleological point of view. This spring water is sold as mineral water and also used for therapeutic purposes.

Food and wine can make a Wedding in Umbria even more tasty! Umbria is in fact famous for its natural delicious and simple cuisine. The principle products from the region include sausages, cheese, dairy products, legumes and truffles. The region’s climate favours the cultivation of grape vines allowing for the production of world famous wines from Orvieto, Torgiano, Montefalco.

To increase the notoriety of the region there are many events during the year, such as ‘Umbria Jazz‘, the ‘Two World Festival’, the ‘Sacred Music Festival, the ‘Nations Festival’ and so on.

Umbria is a Region able to offer to its visitors culture, nature and hospitality.

A Weddings in Umbria won’t make you feel away from home.

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